Buy Aged Domains to Boost Rankings

If informed older site, the one which has been in existence for 10+ years, you could have noticed newer websites taking positions you once owned on search results pages (SERPs). Why creates this change happen? Do you find it caused by spamming? Or freshness?

Up to date Google webmaster help video from Matt Cutts addresses the main topics how much of an older site are able to do to keep up its ranking over time.

Sometimes, Cutts said, people who just love older sites become complacent concerning website. They don’t ensure that is stays current and ensure that is stays fresh.

This is certainly not unusual, because frequently each time a site ranks perfectly and for your long time, the webmaster is often focused on changing anything that could get a new rankings. Consequently, this site can be outdated, with searchers gravitating towards fresher sites.

"Take a fresh review your site," Cutts said. "The vast majority of times in the event you land on your blog at a search result, regardless of whether to remain in business for 15 years, 14 years, sometimes they haven’t updated their template or their page layout or anything in a long time and years. And it seems like, frankly, a stale almost older site, and that’s the type of thing where users may not be as happy about that." Stay on Top of your SEO. Saint Louis SEO Company